There are SO MANY options out there when it comes to hooping. When you purchase a hula hoop online it can be difficult to know what you really want before  you buy it. To some, it is a gamble that ends up just costing them money and gives them a lesson. A few questions can help you narrow down the options and choose a hoop that you will ENJOY!

Are you aiming to waist hoop and dance or do tricks. If you want to do tricks, can you already waist hoop? If you want to do tricks, is it mostly off-body or on-body too? Find a muse! Maybe that will help you in your decision about what you want hooping to  look like in your daily routine. Do you want to be cosmically switchbacking and making the hoop go in unreal places like Philosokitty or Dizzy Dynamic? Or are you  more a body-rocker like Caroleeena and Hoopalicious? There is also the more circus-y style hooping like Lisa Lottie and The Amazing Marawa with their split level hooping and perfectly pointed extremities. Finding a muse and jumping in with an idea of what you want to learn will help a great deal in finding out exactly what type of hoop you should buy.

If you’re wanting to start with fast tricks that are off the body you’ll want a light, bouncy hoop (polypro/HDPE). If you want to have a hoop you can waist hoop in at a reggae fest while you dance , then a thicker Polypro/HDPE or a 3/4″ PE hoop will be best. If you have absolutely zero hooping experience and you’re not sure if you can even keep it up then a heavier 3/4″ PE hoop will assist you in getting that main motion down. As always, I’m here to help you find your ideal hoop, but knowing what type of hoop style is right for you is the first step. So jump on youtube and start wdhoopflowchartatching some amazing hoop stars do their thing!