We just added a few new faces to our sponsee list! We had so many TALENTED hoopers from around the US of A trying out. Narrowing it down was sooooo difficult! Thank-you to EVERYONE who tried out.

Check them out here: https://youtu.be/KUkgLObi3bY

Some tips for trying out next time: There were some entrants who didn’t have any social media links (FB artist page/IG account) and these factors made a big difference in our decision. Even if you don’t have any likes yet, having your “ducks in a row” in this manner helps a lot because it proves you’re serious about a hooping artist career. Also don’t wait to start promoting our stuff. Or whoever it is you try out for. Showing you are willing to drive traffic to a business is another effective way to stand out.  If you didn’t make it this time please consider these tips and try out next year!

And now, here are our new sponsored hoopers:

Kate  Starks
http://www.facebook.com/KateStarksPerformanceArtIG: @kater_mashed_potater/

Lady Blue
IG: @rashilina33

Lustrous Liz

Allie Kitty

Sammy Hoopleseed

Tani Korb