Rachael Armenia Sigmund, New Jersey

Bio: I am from Marlboro NJ. I am a professional photographer. I freelance events and work at JCP portraits. During the summer, I street perform on the Asbury Park boardwalk and summer of 2017 I’ll be traveling NYC with my hoops as well ! My goal in life is to travel with EDM festivals, take beautiful photography and entertain a crowd with my beautiful passion of hooping.

Favorite Hoop Trick: A pizza toss from the waist and/or knees.
Favorite Place to Hoop: Anywhere

Favorite Hoop & Diameter: 28″ in diameter 5/8″ (I’m slowly sizing down).
Song That Always Gets You Flowing: “Ode To Sleep” by Twenty One Pilots

IG: @ladyblueisfire

FB Artist Page: www.facebook.com/LadyBlueIsFire