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Body Roll Variation to Mandala Hula Hoop Trick Tutorial


Its body roll time! This awesome hula hoop trick can help you bring another element of flow to your hoopdance by providing a little pazazz to a standard mandala. Prerequisites are starting up a body roll and mandala.…

Weave to Windmill Hula Hoop Trick Tutorial


These styles of hula hoop tricks are fabulous for increasing flow in your hoopdance. One of my favorite things to do when hooping is come up with transitions that are fluid! Here is a new discovery I’d like…

Which Hula Hoop Tubing should I buy? A Hoop Flow Chart!

Choosing a Hoop

There are SO MANY options out there when it comes to hooping. When you purchase a hula hoop online it can be difficult to know what you really want before¬† you buy it. To some, it is a…