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Body Roll Variation to Mandala Hula Hoop Trick Tutorial


Its body roll time! This awesome hula hoop trick can help you bring another element of flow to your hoopdance by providing a little pazazz to a standard mandala. Prerequisites are starting up a body roll and mandala.…

Landed Helicopter Hula Hoop Tutorial


We have a new hula hoop tutorial to share with you! This stationary one-handed helicopter  includes three flourishes and a behind-the-head wrist rotation to give the illusion of a 360 helicopter.

Polypro vs. HDPE – Which hula hoop tubing is best?

Choosing a Hoop

Photo: Top is polypro, bottom is HDPE The age old question of every advanced hooper – WHICH TUBING SHOULD I BUY? I get this question every day! So I figured I would bring some information to the world…