Ziggy Starshiine, Kentucky


Bio: 26, Eastern KY Appalachian Mountain Mama<3 I’ve got lots of cats =^-^= Been hooping for almost 6 years, my art is inspired by outer space and Nature. I’m also extremely inspired by Japanese culture. I aspire to one day have a career in field science. My super “not-so-secret” dream is to create and direct my own anime c:

Favorite Hoop Trick: Body Rolls
Favorite Place to Hoop: Surrounded by nature and my backyard 🙂
Favorite Hoop & Diameter: 5/8″ Polypro Kalypso 28″ diameter
Song That Always Gets You Flowing: “Roots Reggae Music (Feat. Don Carlos)” by Rebelution

IG: @hatsunestarlove

FB Artist Page: www.facebook.com/ZiggyStarshiine